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There are a variety of ways to work with Joysource. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

  • Let us design with you
    If you’ve been apart of a Joysource learning experience, enjoyed it, and wondered if we offer support for your teams to develop similar experiences, we do! We can work with your team to understand the unique needs of individuals in your context then work to develop instructional designs that can support learning. Creating a PD series for your school? Work with us to design your learning sequence and session design? Kicking off professional learning communities? Work with us to build out the vision and design learning communities that are meaningful to you and your team.
  • Coaching
    If you’ve enjoyed learning with one of our Joysource community facilitators, many of them offer coaching and support for continued work in schools, districts, and organizations. We offer coaching to teams, coaching to teachers, coaching to administrators, and so on. If you would like detailed one-on-one support with bringing more learning to life, reach out for more info.
  • Bring Joysource learning to you
    Many of the Joysource workshops can be brought to your specific school, district, or organization. If there is a session you enjoyed, ask us how we can bring the experience to your team. We offer context-based, uniquely designed learning opportunities, too! Let us know if there is a topic, series, or learning opportunity we can design and facilitate for you.
  • Become a Joysource Community Facilitator
    We are always open to collaborating with like-minded practitioners who are constantly dreaming about the best ways to learn together. If you have an interest in creating your own learning community, email us at .
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