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Joysource is a world where your educational learning desires are heard, valued, affirmed, and utilized rather than ignored.

Here at Joysource, we place educators who bring learning to life at the center. Whether it's our facilitators or community members, we embrace cultural humility, prioritize sustainability, and aim to empower you to make a meaningful impact. We are dedicated to challenging, nurturing, and igniting the joy within you. Joysource is the place where you can honor your truth, liberation, and expertise as an educator.

Image of Jamila Dugan, Founder of Joysource

What's unique to our approach

Objective: Fix issues of education through one- size- fits- all approaches like sit-and-get sessions pushing on the edges of the status quo based on the latest fad, high-level news report or recently passed legislation to address deficits.

Objective: Create interactive, model learning experiences that are grounded in expansive notions of joy, rigor, and human potential, shifting from talking about equitable practice to living it in every professional learning experience.

Directed by both rigid explicit and implicit guidelines for leadership and student instruction, often crafted by individuals with limited cultural competence and/or lacking nor direct classroom or school experience that enforces a top-down approach to education.

Guided by the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage, intergenerational wisdom passed down through generations, and the collective expertise drawn from both within and beyond the educational landscape, rooted in tangible impact and authentic life experiences.

Conceived with a focus on meeting standards, increasing test scores, and addressing perceived deficiencies in both educators and students.

Crafted with a keen focus on the aspirations and needs of both educators and students for the sake of self-mastery and collective agency.

With an ultimate goal of shaping the generation of people who can engage and compete in the workforce.

With an ultimate goal of empowering us all to meet our limitless potential as interconnected, efficacious, grounded individuals that thrive in whatever path chosen as leaders for today and tomorrow.

Joysource Learning & Development

Traditional Professional Development

An image of a young, fit black woman sitting in a white chair. A yellow background behind her.

Why Joysource?

Because professional learning is pivotal in nurturing and empowering educators. We're tired of the status quo in PD. We want learning that is culturally relevant, rigorous, joyful, and practical. This is what Joysource is all about.

What Sets Us Apart

Professional learning has frequently been seen as a resource bestowed upon rather than an immersive experience that expands our horizons, enabling us to transcend the boundaries and constraints imposed upon us. We prioritize building on assets, challenging ourselves, and holistic learning where identity, content mastery, and pedagogy come together.

Who We Are

Joysource is made up of our Founder, Advisors, and our valued Community Members - that’s all of us, including you! Joysource serves as a platform for our collective learning and growth. Community members range from those who engage with Joysource learning opportunities routinely to those who may be a guest every once in a while. In this community, you'll find contributors who share their expertise through resources, workshops, or leadership within learning communities, while others generously support the projects and endeavors of their peers. It is our community of like-minded individuals dedicated to seeking liberation that truly defines Joysource as the unique and special space that it is.

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