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Community Learning

Every Joysource community facilitator is an instructional designer at heart. Talk to us about virtually any learning need in your school or organization and we can work together to identify your thought partnership, design, and facilitation needs to make it happen. 


Cultural Practice, Joy, and Adult Learning Design

In this learning community, we explore ideas of personal authenticity, elevating cultural wealth, and tuning into the full humanity of educators as the designers of professional learning. Every person has unique gifts, talents, and cultural practices that matter to them.


Together, we will identify and practice ways to design and facilitate learning that allows us to draw on our own cultural practices and be our most authentic selves. We will leave with a greater understanding and skillset to invite cultural wealth into the learning spaces we design.

Woman with her arms in the air, excited about the professional development she's just received from Joysource


Placemaking Lab: A Tool for Embodied Belonging

In this learning community, we will seek to collectively understand, iterate, and experiment with the meaning and power of placemaking as a tool for embodied belonging. We will explore big questions, such as: How can we use placemaking within our learning spaces to reimagine, build, and foster a deeper sense of learning and connection for all? What does the natural and built world offer us and how can they support our collective vision in our schools/classrooms? How can placemaking in schools help us to restore and sustain a sense of safety, care, and joy in our everyday spaces alongside students?


Our community will also serve as a learning lab, where together we will explore, probe, and create frameworks for our own authentic place-based projects connected to the land we live on and the communities we are connected to. 

Hosted by Hanaa Elmi (Elementary Teacher)

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What folks are saying

An african american woman with sisterlocs attends a community learning session taught by Jamila Dugan of Joysource
"It gave me the motivation and foundation for pursuing my radical dreams and empowered me to center my values to set boundaries and make school a joyful, student-centered place. I loved this workshop and had so many thoughtful and inspiring conversations!"

- Radical Dreaming Workshop Participant


2 ethnic little girls whispering in a classroom


Would you like to request specific content from Joysource?

Joysource is a community initiative and it's important that we hear and listen to our community. Tell us what programming you would like to see.

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