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Workshops & Experiences

Explore our virtual learning opportunities and connect with educators from around the globe for these 1 to 2 day workshops.

JUNE 20th, 2024

Tending To Teachers

This workshop is designed to help educators who support classroom teachers take up the charge of transforming the teaching experience. We already know that many teachers are leaving the classroom and don’t feel supported. In many cases, we know the reasons why. With working toward equity in mind, it is time to bring truth-telling to the reality of the teaching experience in each of our districts/schools and take ownership to radically dream about a new path forward. 

Hosted by Jamila Dugan


AUGUST 12th, 2024

Kicking Off The Year With Radical Dreaming, Pedagogy, And Joy

Hosted by Jamila Dugan

This is an opportunity for K-12 educators to get rooted in our collective wisdom around the purpose and practice of education. Using liberatory thinking, this session is designed to help educators joyfully prepare for the new school year.

Through personal testimony, story telling, and artifact building, we will bridge education theory around supporting our most marginalized students with concrete practices. With guidance from incredible teachers, participants will collaborate to identify ways to bring vision to life.

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